Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chromes tones of classic music!

The smooth tones of the Vinyl record is something that cannot be compared.  Although many have chosen convenience over sound quality, a true audiophile will prefer the wonderful uncompressed and classic sound of a record over the digital sterile sound of a CD or the compressed nature of a MP3.

I remember years ago watching old Shopping Channel commercials of classic music sold and showing the clean sound of a CD.

Compare 'this' sound to the CD.

Of course, the needle was dirty, and failing, and the record was covered in nicks and small scratches, so you'd hear every single pop, click, and hiss of the record.

Then compare it to the studio sounds of the CD.  The clean, noiseless sound that came out of your speakers.

Yes it was like magic!  Strange, even though CDs caught on and sold like crazy, records never truly went away.  Yes there was a time where record sales were failing badly, and music stores just simply stopped carrying them.  But the magic of the Vinyl record never actually left.  The music of our parents generation seemed to have something that today's music didn't.  Warmth!  Now I'm not meaning that today's music is garbage, and our parents' had the best music ever.  Not in the slightest!  Whether you are listening to Beethoven, Bach, or the screaming guitar of Led Zepplin, or even the unmistakable sound of Offspring, a Vinyl record has something that an MP3 or CD does not.
That true analog sound... it just feels right!  Like you're actually hearing it played as it was supposed to be heard.

I may need a new turntable, as mine is a cheap one from the 80s (and believe me, it's cheap) I still prefer its sound over that of the CD or MP3.  It just sounds... better!

To the smooth tones of Vinyl records.

Until next time.. Keep those shutters... and tunes .... going!

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